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Manitowoc 8500 Crane Drive Sprocket Tumbler Manufacturer

Manitowoc 8500 Crane Drive Sprocket Tumbler Manufacturer

Manitowoc 8500 Crane Drive Sprocket Tumbler is usually located at the rear of crawler crane travel device. The power of crawler crane engine is transmitted to the track through hydraulic travel motor and sprocket. It is required that sprocket be engaged with the track shoes to search accurately, the transmission is stable, and the track can still mesh well when the track is extended due to wear of the pin.

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Product Details

Manitowoc 8500 Crane Drive Sprocket Tumbler

1. Manitowoc Sprocket Specification:

  • The drive tumbler wheel is directly connected with the driving motor, and passes the power to crawler track, thus driving the entire crawler crane under carriage forward. 

  • The technique of producing driving sprocket is casting. All sprocket should be casted, machining, gear quenching. That could ensure good quality.

  • The driving wheel can be installed in the rear, that could reduce the driving length and reduce the power loss.




Heat treated Sprocket




Black or as your request


Bolted and Splined Sprockets/Drive Tumbler


Manitowoc 8500 Sprocket

2. Manitowoc Sprockets are suitable for those model:


M250, 2250, 3900, 4100,  4500,  8500,  10000, 11000, 12000,  16000,  777, 888, 999,etc

3. Package information and Details:

Generally, 2pcs Manitowoc sprockets are packed in one Pallet.

Manitowoc 8500 idler package.jpg

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