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Manufacture Sumitomo SC500 Crawler Crane Track Roller

Manufacture Sumitomo SC500 Crawler Crane Track Roller

Manufacture Sumitomo SC500 Crawler Crane Track Roller is used to support the weight of the crane body and roll on the track shoes so that the machine travels along the tracks shoes. It is also used to hold track shoes so that it does not slip along the transverse direction and forces the track to slip on the floor when turning.

Product Details

Manufacture Sumitomo SC500 Crawler Crane Track Roller

1. Product information

    Sumitomo SC500 Track Roller material generally 40Mn2, the main technique is forging, machining, and heat treatment.

The roller surface after quenching hardness can increase abrasion resistance.

    After processing, it should be tempered and heat treated. Such a problem may occur with a track roller-Roller body wear. The reason for this usually is that the steel not qualified or the hardness of the material is low and the wear resistance is insufficient.

    When the track roller worn seriously, the new track roller should be replaced in time. So can ensure the normal use of the crawler crane. At the same time, will help avoid damage to other parts.

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2. Supplied Models

We can also produce the parts according to your 2D/3D drawings.


3. Related parts

Such as  Sumitomo SC500 crawler crane track shoe,bottom roller, carrier roller, idler, sprocket.


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Any questions, PLS contact us freely.

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