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Kobelco BM1000HD Track Shoe

Kobelco BM1000HD Track Shoe

BM1000HD Track Shoe OEM Chassis Parts Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd has developed a strong relationship with many crawler crane manufacturers for more than 20 years, accumulating a lot parts manuals and huge online data covering most traditional models, which can better ensure quality.

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Product Details

1. Information of Kobelco BM1000HD Track Shoe

a. OEM Crawler Shoe for Kobelco BM1000HD, we can ensure the track pad for Kobelco BM100HD can mach your crawler crane perfectly.

b. We also can supply other undercarriage parts for BM1000HD, for example, BM1000HD Track Roller,

Kobelco BM1000HD Top Roller, Kobelco BM1000HD Idler and Sprocket, etc.

Kobelco BM1000HD Track Shoe details.jpg

2. Undercarriage Parts for Avaliable brands :

Kobelco, Hitachi , Hitachi Sumitomo,Sumitomo , Nippon Sharyo, IHI

Demag, Terex-American, Lima, Link-Belt,  Manitowoc , Ruston -bucyrus, Liebherr

SANY, etc.

KOBELCO5100, 5170, 7035, 7045, 7050, 7055, 7065,   7070, 7080, 7090, 7100, 7120, 7150, 7200, 7250, 7250-2,7300, FS80, FS90, FS100,BM500, BM600, BM650, BM700,   BM700HD, BM750, BM800, BM800HD, BM900, BM900HD, BM1000HD,BM1200, BM1600,   CKS600, CKS2500, CKE600, CKE700, CKE700-1, CKE800, CKE850, CKE900, CKE1000, CKE1100, CKE1350, CKE1800, CKE2000, CKE2500, CKE2500-2,CK800,CK850, CK1000, CK1000G,   CK1600, CK2000-2, CK2500, CKL1000I, SL4500, SL6000, TK350, TK750, TK550, etc.

SUMITOMOLS78RH, LS78RM, LS78RH5, LS78RS, LS98, LS108RH5,   LS100C, LS118RH3, LS118RH5,LS118RH6, LS118RM, LS120RH5, LS138H, LS138RH5, LS208H, LS218H,   LS218RH5, LS238RH2, LS238RH3, LS238RH5, LS248RH5, LS-368RH-5, LS458HD,   LS468HD, LS518, LS528, LS528-S, SD205,SD205-2, SD307, SD407,   SD415,SD510,SD610 etc.

3. Main Product Photos of Undercarriage Parts for Crawler Crane :

BM1000HD track shoe.jpg

4. About Us

Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a supplier of quality replacement parts for crawler cranes and genuine parts or replacements in China. We maintain an extensive selection of undercarriage parts in stock .We could deliver you with shortest time by Sea or by air after PO

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