Comparison of characteristics of wheel type cranes and crawler crane

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Comparison of characteristics of wheel type cranes and crawler crane

Mobile crane is lifting device was widely used various fields, I was popular because of its



Mobile cranes divide into wheel type and crawler type .

The main difference between the two in the chassis.

Wheel type: The chassis is the same with car , has good mobility.


Crawler type : The chassis is the same with tank , has big area of contact , it suitable for soft ground.

The advantages for crawler type : Less reduced ground pressure, less turning radius, free hoisting kicking operation, driving with loading , good lifting mobility.

What’s more , crawler type is a multi-purpose crane. It can pilling, earthwork, like this operations with the help of additional devices.


The disadvantages for crawler type: It can’t drive on the road, it have to be disassembly once carriage.


Because of the disadvantage of crawler type, small tonnage crawler crane has been gradually replaced by wheel type crane. But large tonnage crawler crane has more longer arm, more longer T.M , larger working width, the good capacity of driving with loading, the good capacity of adapting to the harsh ground. So it was widely used in large-sale projects.


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