Crawler Crane Safety Operation Procedures

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Crawler crane safety operation procedures

1.    Crawler crane operators must hold operation permit. When the wind magnitude is more than  level five, crawler crane should stop working.

2.    Crawler crane boom should have a certain distance to the high-tension cable: 2m when the  voltage is less than 1000V and4.5m when the voltage is 2000V to 20000V.

3.    Leg work must be done. The slewing bearing shall be level, and its inclination shall not exceed 10.

4.    The support leg must be vertical, and the legs should be lined with 80MM thick wooden planks.

5.    In the crawler crane operation, the handle of the leg is not allowed to be turned off. If the leg is to be adjusted, the hanging must be put on the ground first.

6.    When the actual lifting is close to the lifting weight as specified in the lifting table, the suspension arm can only be hoisted backwards and left or right rotation is not allowed to exceed 450C.

7.    When the site is relatively soft, we must test crane (lifting weight from the ground is not higher than 30CM). Don’t lift goods if the legs are loose.

8.    The crane should be operated by lifting workers. when lifting and down, it must send signal when there are other people on the construction site. If the operation is difficult, the hoisting work must be done by the relevant personnel first, and special personnel are sent to observe the safety status of the crane during the operation


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