Crawler Crane Walking Part Inspection and Maintenance

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Crawler Crane Walking Part Inspection and Maintenance

1. Check the track shoes, replace them if damaged.

2. Check the track shoe pin and hole of pin, replace if necessary. And if Pin slide out of hole, reset and fix it.

    3. Check the idler, top roller, track roller and sprocket lubrication and wear condition. Add     gear oil or change in time when necessary.

    4. Check if idler, top roller, track roller and sprocket are leaking oil. Change oil seal in time if necessary.

    5.Check whether crawler crane is walking normally or track deviation, repair it if necessary.

    6. Check whether the hydraulic oil pipe is leaking or the protection device is in good condition, and repair it when necessary.

    7. Check whether there is abnormal sound when walking, if any, it should find out the reason to solve it.

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