Ding letter industrial department of steel rolling technical renovation was carried out on the roll

- Apr 01, 2017 -

For the positive response to the company, in May, fujian ding letter industrial co., LTD. Department of steel rolling roll for the technical reformation, greatly improving the operation efficiency, to ensure product quality steadily improve.

Under the guidance of production preparation workshop director er, related technical personnel production process in strict accordance with the requirements of technical demonstration, through the joint efforts of four months, successful high speed steel roll to replace the high chromium iron roll.Due to the high speed steel roll to add a large number of alloy element, matrix control for micro hardness and high strength martensite structure, has high compressive yield strength, good roller surface thermal cracking performance, after setting cycle rolling amount, still can maintain good roller surface state.At the same time, the use of the roll surface can form dense oxide film, decrease The Times of grinding and extend the rolling cycle, reduce the roll changing times, ensure the quality of the roll surface, improve the production operation efficiency, improved the quality of our products has been well received by the company leadership.

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