Failure Analysis: What are the causes of crawler damage?

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Failure Analysis: What are the causes of crawler damage?

    Crawler track is widely used in heavy construction equipment, and it is part of crawler crane walking device. In the process of using, the track crawler appears loose, damaged, broken and other failures are unavoidable, so, what are the causes the crawler track damage?

1. Driving on rough roads

In the earthwork project, the working area is sometimes rough, in such working condition, crawler crane tracking route is not proper, the weight of the body will tend to local, that would cause some damage on track crawler.

2. Long-time walking operation

Crawler crane can not walk too long, this will not only cause great damage to the track, but also affect the using life of the crawler crane.

3. Failed to clear debris in the track in time

When crawler cranes are working or moving, there will be some gravel or soil going into the track, if not clear it away on time, gravel will be squeezed in the driving sprocket wheel,  idler tumbler and track pad. That will make the crawler loose, also cause track crawler broken.

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