The first Liebherr crawler crane service company suspended a U.S.

- Apr 02, 2017 -

LR1300 SX is equipped with additional made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) cable made back, another advantage of these special cable back is to enhance the load capacity, a U.S. Crane Service company Texas branch manager, Mr. Strohacker Bob said: the main reason is to buy LR1300 SX CFRP machine upgrade back cable, they improve the lifting capacity, especially in the operation of wind farms.


Equipped with a carbon fiber back cable cranes self erected 86 meters of the main arm (283 feet) and 23 feet (7 meters) jib. In this structure, the LR 1300 SX to 15 meters (50 feet) is the radius of the range lifted up to 83 tons (168000 pounds) of the goods.

LR 1300 SX is the first show in Nolan, a wind farm in Texas. The crane was used for five to 80 meters (263 feet) high hoisting and installation of wind turbine rotor, to carry out maintenance works. Each rotor has about 76 tons (152000 pounds) of weight. The rotor is used to replace the wind turbine gearbox and shaft.

The LR1300 SX consists of a 390 kW (523 HP) Liebherr diesel engines. The most successful LR- series crane another notable feature is its great length and cantilever structure, resulting in the range of potential applications. The total length of the main arm and luffing jib can be as high as 169 meters (555 feet), including 56 meters (184 feet) of the main arm and 113 meters (371 feet) of the luffing jib

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