The use of different chain products of various specifications

- Apr 02, 2017 -

The use of different products of various specifications of the chain guide

Short pitch transmission roller chain drive, double pitch roller chain, transmission roller chain, heavy-duty drive plate bending roller chain, transmission toothed chain, chain CVT, long pitch conveyor chain, short pitch roller chain, double pitch roller chain plate chain conveyor chain, speed, etc..

The products are as follows:

Stainless steel chain: parts are made of stainless steel materials, suitable for the chain in the food industry and is susceptible to chemical erosion and other occasions, also can be used for high temperature applications.

Nickel plated chain, chain, chain chain: Chrome galvanized surface treatment can be composed of all carbon steel materials, parts of the surface after plating or chrome plated, suitable for use in outdoor rain and other occasions, but can not prevent the chemical corrosion of concentrated liquid.

Self lubricating chain made of sintered metal parts by a filled with lubricating oil, the chain has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no maintenance (maintenance free), long service life. Widely used in high stress and wear, and can often maintain the occasions, such as food industry automated production lines, high-grade bicycle racing, less maintenance and high precision mechanical transmission.

Type O sealing ring chain: roller chain chain plate is arranged between the inside and outside the sealing ring with O, to prevent dust from entering the oil outflow and hinge. The chain through strict pre lubrication. Because the chain has strong parts and reliable lubrication, can be used for motorcycle open transmission.

Rubber chain: such chain is in U A, B series of outer link chain on the form of plate based on sticky rubber in the attached plate (such as natural rubber, silicone rubber NR SI etc.) can increase the wear ability, reduce noise, increase the ability of earthquake. For delivery.

This tooth chain: the chain is widely used in wood industry, such as wood feeding and output, cutting, transfer station transportation etc..

Agricultural machinery chain: the chain is suitable for field machinery such as tractors, combine harvester threshing machine, etc.. This chain of low cost but also can withstand impact and abrasion resistance, in addition, the chain should be coated with grease or automatic lubrication.

High strength chain: is a kind of special roller chain, through the improvement of chain plate shape, thick chain plate, fine blanking chain plate hole and pin shaft heat treatment, can improve the tensile strength of 15 to 30%, and has a good impact resistance and fatigue performance.

Lateral bending chain: the chain has a hinge gap and chain plate gap is larger, so it has great flexibility and can be used for bending and conveying transmission.

Escalator chain for escalators, walkways. As the escalator long working time, high safety requirements, stable operation. So this step chain must meet the minimum ultimate tensile load requirements, two pairs of chain length deviation, cascade pitch deviation.

The motorcycle chain: to use the definition of the chain, from the chain structure, a sleeve roller chain and chain of two types, from the use of motorcycle parts, it is used in engine and engine outside the two, most of the chain used in the engine is a sleeve chain structure, chain engine is used to drive the rear wheel drive chain, mostly use roller chain. The chain should pay special attention to ensure the fatigue performance

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