Types of Mobile Crane

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Types of Mobile Crane

Automobile crane, crawler crane, travelling crane

1. Automobile crane

The automobile crane is commonly known as the truck crane. The concept of the automobile crane is to combine the truck with the crane. It can work directly in its own form without assembly.

Advantages: Convenient and flexible, high work efficiency, quick rotation.

Disadvantages: It have terrain restriction and large equipment (1000-2000 tons) cannot be completed. The maximum weight of the truck crane is 3,200 tons.

2. Crawler crane

Crawler crane is walking by traveling mechanism.

Advantages: The lifting weight is large enough to walk with heavy lift.  

Disadvantages: Disassembling complexly and lifting boom can't free expansion.

The limitation is suitable for working in the factory.

 3. Tyre crane

The tire crane is a luffing revolving crane which uses the tire type chassis which upper structure is the same with crawler crane.

Advantages: Short body, flexible movement and high efficiency.

Disadvantages: It have terrain restriction and large equipment cannot be completed.

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