Xugong green elves XGC55 crawler crane telescopic arm, Bangkok construction exhibition

- Apr 01, 2017 -

Bangkok - bustling international metropolis, the fusion between eastern and western culture, the "city of angels" all inclusive.Hot and humid climate annual average temperature 27.5 ℃, with "hot like fire" red sky.

When the rainy season, a rain almost every day, makes the site becomes muddy road.Special natural environment, makes it hard for ordinary wheel crane, crawler crane and exist shortcomings such as difficult, tear open outfit to spend time.At this point, the export to Bangkok three "green fairy" - xugong XGC55 crawler crane telescopic arm successfully solved the problem.

"XCMG, very good!"Xugong XGC55 telescopic crane crawler crane crawler powerful ability to walk and good and reliable hoisting capacity, for Thailand customers never stingy praise of it, xugong's three brothers from becoming a celebrity in the Bangkok city site at one time.

Because of homework in high temperature and high humidity environment, at the beginning, the customer is worried that there might be "too much" xugong manufacturing, improve the failure rate, affect the construction schedule.However, for days of continuous high strength work, equipment zero failure rate, dispel the concerns of the customer.Its high-end pilot control technology, made the operation simple and convenient, can let a quick-and-dirty operators;Plus the weight of the disassembling design, power limit security restrictions, caterpillar since scaling technology such as design, all mind everywhere embodies xu craftsmen to build teams want to customer thought, the anxious markets.

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