Xugong XGC260 crawler crane won plunged jury prize (2017)

- Apr 01, 2017 -

engineering machinery products development (Beijing) BBS and China engineering machinery annual productTOP50Awards ceremony "was held in Beijing. From China construction machinery industry association and the subordinate branches, the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, relevant industry associations and engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises, construction enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities,newsThe media more than 200 guests attended the annual meeting.

The first engineering machinery network awards ceremony will be broadcast live across the selection, the following is our reporter morris reports from the scene:

xugongConstruction machinery group of engineering machinery co., LTD. Branch of XGC260 crawler crane won the "China engineering machinery annual product plunged (2017)" the jury award.

The word:

The industry the only classification weight load lifting technology, realizing all condition coverage;Global initiative, wind shield arm arm, fixed jib triad technology, give full play to the universality and interchangeability of the product, engineering adaptability 3 times.Is domesticCrawler craneThe classic masterpiece.

Plunged (2017) the jury awards the scene

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