Analyze The Problems That Are Easy To Damage Crawler Crane Track Roller

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Analyze the problems that are easy to damage crawler crane track roller



Undercarriage parts is important for the working performance of crawler cranes, crawler crane bottom roller should support heavy load, are in poor working conditions, and often are in the dust. Now, we would analyze the problems that are easy to damage crawler crane track roller.


1, Lower roller body wear.


The reason for this wear is that, the using steel is not qualified or the low hardness after heat treatment, or lack of wear resistance;


2. Oil spill.


Crawler crane bottom roller axle rotates through the sleeve, round the body to refuel to lubricate, but if the quality of the seal ring is not good, it is easy to spill oil. Then the shaft and sleeve is easy to wear, that would make bottom roller not continue using.


Therefore, the seal of crawler crane lower roller is a very important standard to measure the quality of track roller.  We must pay more attention to the inspection of bottom roller to ensure the safe operation of crawler crane.

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