Crawler Crane Development Situation At Home And Abroad

- Jul 12, 2017 -

Crawler Crane Development Situation at Home and Abroad

Nowadays, foreign manufacturers specializing in production of crawler cranes mainly concentrated in three industrial developed countries: the United States, Germany and Japan. Among them, the United States has Manitowoc, P&H and Link-Belt company; German has Liebherr, Sennebogen and Terex-Demag company; Japan's main manufacturers have Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kobelco, IHI and Nippon Sharyo corporation.

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Since 2004, with the rise of China's economy, the domestic crawler crane market has expanded rapidly. The small and medium-sized crawler cranes company which occupied by Japanese corporation has been gradually recaptured by domestic enterprises. The large-scale crawler crane market has emerged more and more domestic brands. Compared with European and American products, domestic crawler cranes still have the gap in variety, yield, performance. But we believe that with the gradual improvement of China's industrialization level, domestic crane enterprises have the ability to smooth the gap and even catch up Europe and the United States enterprises in the next 10-20 years.

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