Crawler Crane Track Shoe Now Commonly Used In Excavators

- May 16, 2017 -

Track plate, is one of the construction machinery of the chassis, is used by the construction machinery of a wearing parts. Now commonly used in excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes, paver and other construction machinery above.

Construction machinery on the track shoe from the material up, can be divided into: steel and rubber. Steel track shoe for tonnage of relatively large equipment, the rubber track shoe used in small tonnage equipment.

Steel track shoe can be divided into: excavator plate, bulldozer board, these two are the most commonly used to steel as raw material. Then there is the bulldozer used wet floor, commonly known as "triangular board", which is casting board. And now a large number of use of a casting plate is used on crawler cranes, the weight of this board is less than dozens of kilograms, up to hundreds of kilograms, 2008 Shanghai BMW show on the Sany Heavy Industry SC10000 crawler crane plate, More than 800 kilograms, which is currently the most important of the domestic track plate.

Profile of the track shoe processing technology is generally: the use of profiles cutting, drilling (punching), heat treatment, straightening, painting and other processes, bulldozers plate is a single bar, the general paint color is yellow; excavator board general Is three bars, the paint color is black. The material of the profile is now procured at 25MnB, and the final heat treatment hardness of the material is HB364-444.

Track plate is suitable for small-scale light industry and small construction machinery industry.

The choice of its operating environment is as follows:

(1) rubber crawler use temperature is generally between -25 ~ +55'C.

(2) chemicals, oil, salt water will accelerate the aging of the track, in such an environment after use to wash the track plate

(3) Road stone, rut or rugged road surface will lead to cracks in the edge of the track edge of the track, this crack does not hurt the internal steel pipe can continue to make

The crawler plate is made of rubber body, steel pipe, beveled end plate and L-shaped end plate. The long rubber body is covered with steel pipe which crosses the rubber body. The upper part of the rubber body is inclined at one end and the upper part of the rubber L-type, ramp-end card board bolts connected to the rubber body in the ramp at the end of the steel pipe, L-shaped end plate through the welding directly connected with the steel pipe in the rubber body L-shaped track outside the track.

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