Crawler Crane Undercarriag Parts Forging And Casting

- May 27, 2017 -

Our bottom roller and top roller use forging Technology.

Forging technology press the metal billet by using forging machinery. After forging, our undercarriage parts track roller and upper roller, could improve mechanical properties greatly.  In addition, forging technology also could extend rollers’ using life.

                                                                                                Track Roller

Link-Belt Crawler Crane Track Roller.jpg

                                                                                            Top Roller

FUWA Crawler Crane Top Roller.JPG

Our track shoe, front idler wheel and sprocket tumbler, use casting technology.

Casting technology pull liquid metal into the casting cavity, when liquid becoming cooled and solidified, we could get the parts blank. In order to get better parts, we would choose metal pattern. We would use heat treatment technology for our parts, that could improve mechanical properties. Finally, we could get perfect undercarriage parts after polishing and painting.

For ensuring our quality, we also would do testing for each batch products.

Track Shoe

IHI Crawler Crane Track Shoe 3.jpg


Sumitomo Earth Drill SD205 Idler.jpg


Sumitomo Sprocket 2.jpg

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