Crawler Crane Undercarriage Parts

- May 25, 2017 -

Crawler Crane Undercarriage Parts

Crawler Crane Undercarriage Parts include: Track Shoe, Track Roller, Top Roller, Idler and sprocket.

 Different parts in the crawler crane have different roles:

The Crawler Chain   consists of track shoes and pins, it can increase grounding area   and sustain the machine.

                                                           Track shoe

Nippon Sharyo Earth Drill ED5500 Track Shoe.jpg


Terex HC80 Track Shoe Pin 2.jpg

The track roller look the same as the   top roller. Track Roller can match shoe’s lug, let the track shoe run smoothly. 

Top Roller sustain the shoes and keep it from drooping. So, as usual, the top   roller is smaller than track roller.


                                                                        Track Roller

Hitachi KH300-3 Track Roller 1.jpg

                                                     Top roller

Kobelco FS90 Top Roller 2.jpg

The hydraulic driving and reduction gear are located at end of each crawler side frame, they drive the sprocket, therefore drive the crawler crane.

The idler usually is located at front of frame, it will lead the shoe into right path, keep it from deviating.


Our factory specialized in undercarriage parts for crawler crane, like, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kobelco, Manitowoc, ect. 

Any needs, pls email us, thank you!

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