Crawler Crane Undercarriage Parts By The Power Unit

- May 16, 2017 -

Crawler chassis accessories by the power unit, the working mechanism and the boom, turntable, chassis and other components for the multi-section assembly truss structure, adjust the number of sections can change the length of the lower end hinge in front of the turntable, the top with a variable wire rope pulley group Suspension support, can change its inclination.

There are also installed in the boom at the top of the arm, the arm and the arm into a certain angle. The hoisting mechanism has main and auxiliary two hoisting systems, the main hoisting system is used for boom hoisting, and the auxiliary winch system is used for heavy arm hoist. Developed design: the application of mature design experience or a viable new technology, the design of new crawler chassis accessories, including functional design and institutional design.

Upgrade design: According to the use of experience and technology development of the existing crawler chassis accessories update design upgrades to improve performance, reduce manufacturing costs or reduce operating costs.

Derivative design: To adapt to the new needs of the existing crawler chassis accessories for part of the changes or additions and deletions, thus developing a different from the standard type of derivative products.

Serial design: a series of crawler chassis accessories for the mother, designed a series with the same shape similar to the power, but the power, tonnage, size is different from a range of products. First, the development of demand analysis. According to the function, performance, operating environment and other factors, and customers to develop a detailed user requirements manual, and then determine the development goals.

Second, the initial program design. According to the needs analysis, the program development, including the function and parameter setting, basic calculation, drawing the initial three-dimensional work, and then with the customer for a preliminary review.

Third, detailed program design. Listen to the preliminary opinion, the implementation of program design. Modify the three-dimensional model of the overall drawing, drawing three-dimensional map parts, the structural components of the finite element analysis and dynamic simulation. And then with the customer for a second review.

Fourth, the final program to determine and draw drawings. Listen to the second trial, modify the program design. Out of parts table, wearing parts list.

5, the production of all technical documents, including publicity and technical samples, product manual.

Mainly the applicability of different, the car is mainly mobile and flexible, can be free to run on the road, dry finish for fast, crawler chassis accessories are mainly on the venue is not high, in the mud site can also be a good application, but Not flexible enough to change the venue need to use a flat car haul.

Such as: 50T crawler chassis accessories hanging ready to work is simple, almost do not have to do what to prepare, but because it is iron track walking, it can not be long-distance movement on the road, usually transition need to use the flatbed to pull, so suitable for mine Area and other field use.

50T car hanging before the preparation of complex work, the need to use hydraulic feet to support the car and maintain the level of state before they can be used normally.

The advantage is easy to move, the city can be a transition, suitable for urban construction use.

Crawler Crane Chassis Accessories can be moved and the car can not move.

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