Environmental Policy Continues To Grow, Emission Standards Upgrade

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Environmental Policy Continues to Grow, Emission Standards Upgrade



August 21, the National Environmental Protection Ministry of the United Nations Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information and other nearly 10 ministries and Hebei, Beijing and other provinces and cities, issued "on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas of the 2017-2018 autumn and winter air Pollution control critical Action Plan" notice. Notice to take more targeted measures to do a good job in the autumn and winter air pollution prevention and control, mobilizing all the people together to fight the "blue sky battle."


In this respect, the association actively through the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the motor Vehicle Emission Control center of the non-road mobile construction machinery "pollutant emission information open" discussion, to participate in "non-road construction machinery" Census and registration staff to focus on training, the Beijing non-road mobile construction machinery Four-stage emission conference, A series of activities, such as "Construction machinery four stage emission Technology forum", have been set up in BICES2017 four-stage construction machinery exhibition area, which helps industry enterprises to prepare themselves and adapt to environmental protection requirements. 



The implementation of strict environmental protection policies and the upgrading of emission standards have brought challenges and opportunities to the development of the industry.


The cost of environmental protection has become an inevitable factor in increasing the cost of raw materials.

The increase of environmental cost has become the inevitable trend of the cost of China's machinery industry in the future. The increase in costs will be a challenge for every enterprise's price.

In the long run, environmental requirements and the rising cost of the entire machinery industry is a good opportunity for the development of the future. Through the advantages of the poor, leaving the ultimate adherence to high-quality, sustainable development strategy enterprises.

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