Safety Regulation For Operating Crawler Crane

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Track Shoe

Hitachi Crawler Crane Track Shoe 1.jpg

When lifting capaciity reach the maximum, crane must be put on hard level ground. When doing lifting, crane should move slowly, and two separate motions occurring simultaneously is forbidden.

When crane lifting load and walking, boom should be right in front of crane, height of load above ground should not higher than 0.5 meter. Crane could not used as transportation machinery.

Empty cranes should not walk too fast when walking and turning, go down slope absolute prohibitory for nothing block a skidding.

When working in the deep pit, the crane body and pit side should maintain the necessary safe distance from the citrus soil in case of landslides.

The crane can not be run laterally on the ramp, do not allow to rotate the jib boom, and if it must run or rotate, the road should be flat.

After finishing work, the engine should be shut down, the joystick should place in the air position, and brakes will die. The cooling water should be discharged in winter, and lock the cab doors and windows.

Top roller

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Bottom Roller

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SANY Crawler Crane Idler.jpg

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