Simple Introduction Of The Crawler Crane Frame

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Simple introduction of the crawler crane frame

Crawler crane is a kind of high-rise building construction self-propelled cranes, is a use of crawler boom jib crane.

Crawler crane accessories is to ensure the normal work crawler crane foundation. Next we will understand the crawler under the rack.

The lower rack is the connecting element between the rack and the truck. Its function is to pass all or part of the body weight through the suspension to the roller. In traveling and work, the impact of crawler and roller is also transmitted from the rack to the rack, the rack has a certain compressive performance.

Can ease the impact. Generally, the frame can be divided into elastic suspension, semi-rigid suspension and rigid suspension, the weight of the body is completely transmitted to the roller and the frame via the elastic element; part of the weight is transmitted to the weight by the elastic element and the other part by the rigid element Roller called the semi-rigid frame; the body weight is fully transmitted to the rigid wheels by the rigid roller called the rigid frame. For crawler cranes with low speeds, semi-rigid or rigid frames are usually used to ensure stability during operation.

Above is the knowledge about the lower frame of the crawler crane, I hope for your help, if you have the crawler crane accessories need to buy, you are welcome to contact us, our company dedicated to provide you with high quality products.

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