Supporting Wheels Main Effect

- May 16, 2017 -

The heavy wheel is one of the four wheel zones of the crawler type construction machinery, and its main function is to support the weight of the excavator and the bulldozer, so that the track moves along the wheel.

Wheel, wheel, sleeve, seals, end caps and other related components. Forks can be divided into unilateral rollers and bilateral rollers; excavators with heavy rollers and bulldozers with heavy rollers, excavators with heavy rollers are generally black paint, bulldozers roller is generally yellow paint

Heavy wheel body material generally 50Mn, 40Mn2, and other materials, the main process of casting or forging, machining, and then heat treatment, the wheel surface hardened to achieve the hardness of HRC45 ~ 52, in order to increase the wheel surface wear resistance. Heavy wheel axle machining accuracy requirements are relatively high, the general need for CNC machine tools to meet the requirements. Material to 40Mn2 more, after processing should also be quenching heat treatment, hardness of about HRC42

There is a problem with the wheel

A, wheel wear. The reason for this situation is the use of steel failure or material heat treatment when the hardness is low, lack of wear resistance;

B, oil spill. The axle shaft through the sleeve has been rotating, the wheel to refuel to lubricate, but if the seal is not good, it is easy to produce oil leakage phenomenon, so that the shaft and the sleeve in the case of no lubrication, it is easy to wear, Resulting in the product can not be used.

There are several reasons for the oil spill: 1 floating oil seal is not qualified 2. Product sleeve sleeve roundness is not enough 3. Shaft gloss is not enough 4. Gear oil is not up to 5. Machined size tolerance problems, etc. will cause the load wheel leakage Oil situation.

Domestic manufacturers of the issue of heavy races

1. Many steel labels are not up to standard, heat treatment process is not good to play.

2. Vicious competition in the market, the product of several important structures happen to cut corners, such as wheel diameter reduction, thinner shaft, copper sleeve length and so on.

The reduction of the wheel diameter becomes the speed of the wheel line, the more friction the sleeve will bear. Spinning thinner reason is the same, the same impact will not bear the impact, as the axis deformation or broken. Copper sleeve to play the role of friction, the copper layer must be rolling after the fall is not easy to fall off, the normal 0.35mm above the copper layer to achieve the standard, reduce the length of the copper sleeve The meaning of the wheel will lose its role, reduce the length equivalent to reduce the force area.

So to solve this product a few shortcomings, the advantages of domestic products relative to foreign products is very large.

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