The Maintenance Of the Crawler Crane in Winter

- Jan 19, 2018 -

The Maintenance of the Crawler Crane in Winter

Crane use in winter need some warm work, many owners reflect the crane sometimes start in winter difficult, which is how the same thing? How to maintain the crane accessories in winter? Today to share with you some ways.

According to statistics, there is more than 90% wear on engine parts, which is caused within three minutes after the cold car starts. Therefore, the winter, especially in the cold winter, the hot-idling hot spot easily hurt the engine, it is recommended that owners use low-speed slow-moving hot car. After a long time parked car, the engine oil and back to the engine oil pan bottom. Therefore, after ignition, the upper half of the engine is in a state of lack of lubrication of the oil. It takes about 30 seconds after the start of the engine to deliver the oil to the pistons, Crankshaft and other components.

This is the crane accessories in the winter some knowledge, we maintain the crane at the same time, we should also pay attention to other parts of the crane work, such as thermal work.

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