The Keys For Making High-grade Track Roller

- Mar 12, 2019 -

The Keys for making high-grade Track Roller

Recently we sent the sample of the Liebherr LR1600 Track Roller and Liebherr LR1600 Top Roller to our customer, and some new customers do not know much about our quality of track roller, so, today we introduce our quality.

The two keys for making high-grade track roller are Materials and production process.

The Track Roller consist of Roller Body with Bushing, Shaft, Pin, Floating Seals, O Ring. There are different standards for different party, and the details as below.

3D Track Roller 3

Roller Body: Most of track rollers use 40Mn2 material, this material is hard wearing, so, that can extend the roller's service life.

But track roller for heavy Crawler Crane use 42CrMn, like, 600ton crawler crane, the strength of 42CrMn is higher than 40Mn2, so that can used in heavy crawler Crane.

The most important process is Hardening and Tempering, if do not make Hardening and tempering, the Mechanical Properties, Yield Strength and Tensile Strength will not be good, the roller will be slip easily.

Although that could save much money if we did not make the hardening and tempering, Quality is most important thing. So, all our rollers are under hardening and tempering.


Bushing: We use the 100% fine cooper Bushing, instead of duplex metal(Iron and Cooper). The thickness of bushing is 6mm-10mm.

Pin: The material is 42Cr, the production process as same as Roller Body.

Floating seals: the size of Floating seals must 100% match the roller, if not, the oil will spilling.


We are professional manufacturer of Crawler Crane Track Roller, so, if you need it, please contact us freely. 


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