The Problems That Are Likely To Occur In Lower Roller

- Feb 26, 2019 -

 The problems that are likely to occur in Lower Roller


1. Reasons analyze: 

A. Body wear. The reason for this is the use of unqualified steel or material heat treatment of low hardness, wear resistance.

B. Oil leakage. The shaft of lower roller through the shaft sleeve, and the wheel body needs to be lubricated with oil. However, if the sealing ring is not good, oil leakage is likely to occur. In this case, the shaft and shaft sleeve are easily worn without lubrication, which makes the product unable to be used.


Therefore, the quality of the Hitachi Sumitomo Crawler Crane SCX1200 lower roller seal is as a measure of production company product quality is a very important standard. So we must pay attention to the inspection of the roller, to ensure the safe operation of equipment. The details of the our lower roller quanlity

Roller Details 2

2. Operation Instuctions:

Please operate the crawler crane according to your service manual by professional driver.

Also pay attention the service enviroment, keep the equipment operating on the same plane.


3. Maintenance Suggestions

Please check and maintenance your crawler regular. You can replace or maintenance your old parts once out of Maintenance period. Even though the apperance of undercarriage parts seems that is good, pls try to control everthing before the equipment broken.

4. Part of Bands and models as following:

SCX1200 Lower Roller

5. Our Company 

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