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Hitachi PD100 Track Shoe

Hitachi PD100 Track Shoe

Hitachi PD100 Track Shoe have high flexural strength and wear resistance. In order to avoid the high stress caused by sandwiching stones between the two adjacent track shoes, the pitch of track shoes should be adjusted accurately.

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Product Details

Hitachi PD100 Track Shoe 

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1. Product details

Because of our special material and our custom engineered heat treatments, our Hitachi PD100 track shoe meet the highest performance standards with drastically reduced wear. It is important if you want to extend the service life of the crawler crane undercarriage parts.

In the period of using crawler crane, track shoe’s tension should be adjusted based on different construction sites.

2. OEM Spare Parts For Crawler Crane

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3. Specifications


4. Delivery & Shipment

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Technicians in Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD have rich experience in studying undercarriage parts for crawler crane. Besides, “Give US drawings, Give your products” – we can produce according to your drawings.

We put a huge effort, and has been in South America, North America, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia, the high praise.

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