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Nissha DHJ40 Pill Driver Track Shoe Manufacturers

Nissha DHJ40 Pill Driver Track Shoe Manufacturers

OEM Track Shoe for Nissha DHJ40. We can make sure the fast delivery for this Nippon Sharyo DHJ40 Track Pad. If your Nissha DHJ40 need to be replaced new undercarriage parts, please contact us.

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Nissha DHJ40 Track Shoe













2500 working hours

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B. Parts for Nissha Pile driver and earth drive

Nippon   Sharyo DH300, DH308, DH350, DH400, DH408, DH500, DH508, DH558, DH600, DH608,DH650, DH658, DH758,DHJ60, DH60-120M, DH650,DH800,DH900-5, DH900D,   DH700, DHP70, DHP80, ED4000, ED5500, etc.

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D.About our Parts

  • Our crawler track shoe generally adopts casting process. Our track shoe could be suitable for 30-600 ton crawler crane. Track shoe for crawler crane shape is more complicated, and in the production process is more difficult.

  • With the production of crawler cranes track shoe more and more, our produce technology is getting better. From the material to the production process, from the mold to the production, there is a quality over flight.

  • The material of crawler track plate is 28CrMnMo, 35SiMn. After heat treatment, track shoe hardness could reach the HB230-270, the middle of driving path will be quenching treatment, increase its strength and wear resistance.

  • Now our company's crawler crane track shoe is more and more welcomed by foreign customers, export to all over the world.

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